Boquillas Day Hikes

The majestic Sierra del Carmen and Boquillas Canyon offer a variety of hiking opportunities for visitors to Boquillas. A popular walk begins in the village at 9:30 am and takes us into the mouth of Boquillas Canyon. We see a local geological feature know as "The Crystal Cave", which is not a real cave but a huge geode. During this hike, we see the vestiges of the original town of Boquillas which was destroyed by a flood around 1906. Our vehicle will meet us around 1:00 pm and deliver a hot lunch, before driving back to town in time for shopping and to cross the river before the Port of entry closes at 4 pm. This is a moderate hike of 4-5 miles. Cost- $80 per person

A walk to El Terminal (see image at right) has some steep places before we arrive at the top of the ridge where the cable tramway once began to deliver silver ore from the Puerto Rico mine down the mountain and across the river into the US. Our vehicle will drive us to the trailhead and we will carry lunch and water with us to the top where we enjoy a spectacular view of the Rio Grande and Chisos Mountains in the background. We return to town in time for shopping and maybe a cold beverage before returning to the US. Cost- $90 per person

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