Reserva El Carmen

Reserva NAtural El Carmen is a privately managed nature reserve south of Big Bend National Park, in Northern Coahuila, Mexico.

It covers over 400,000 acres, with a mixture of high grasslands, rugged canyons and forested peaks up to 9,000 feet in elevation.

This amazing location is home to black bear, elk, pronghorn, desert bighorn sheep, mule and white-tailed deer. In 2019, a herd of 19 American Bison was reintroduced to help restore the native grassland habitat within La Reserva. La Reserva is a a recognized role model for large scale wildland conservation and wildlife restoration. Prior to the pandemic, Go Big Bend enjoyed an exclusive arrangement to organize tours to La Reserva, and we operated a couple before the health crisis shut everything down. As of now, La Reserva is not accepting visitors, but we hope that at some point in the future we will be offering tours.

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